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Vicky Sampson hardly needs an introduction, as she is world-famous. She was born and bred in South Africa but is often mistaken to be an overseas artist. She is best-known for her timeless hit, My African Dream, and ironically to the song and songstress pair, the words are heartfelt.

My African Dream was penned by Mango Groove’s keyboardist, Alan Lazar, and was first a piano adaptation before becoming what it is today.

Vicky first became known to the world by her debut television appearance on the Soft Shoes Special. Even though Vicky was not categorised as a winner, the organisers of Follow That Star recognised her talents and her future was cast in stone, she would be world-known for her spectacular vocal abilities. What followed was the inevitable, attention from the media and record companies.

She later left the Mother City and first band to enter the pell-mell world of cabaret, corporate cabaret, music, extravaganzas, radio and TV jingles, which took her to Bophuthatswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Mmabatho and, finally, the "City Of Gold. It was there that Tusk Record Company snapped her up on a four album deal in 1992.

Vicky chose to decline the privelage of Richard O'Brien's offer, the role of Magenta in his "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in Johannesburg and record instead.

In 2006, to huge critical acclaim, she performed the lead role in We Will Rock You as the Killer Queen, which toured to all the major cities nationwide.

Later on two national newspapers toasted her on the front-page alongside President Nelson Mandela. Ever since then Vicky has remained in the spotlight as the darling of South Africa’s movers and shakers. This includes making appearances at function at the request of President Thabo Mbeki! Over and over her presence is requested and enjoyed. Over the years Vicky’s hit, My African Dream, has taken her to countries like Austria, England, Germany, Singapore (again), Sweden, the Netherlands and the United States of America where the album was released.

Her album, Zai, is also on the shelves throughout the Benelux countries, France, Indonesia and even Russia. The song has won Best Song, courtesy of East Coast Radio, the NTVA Silver for video, and an international MIDEM nomination for video, which are all remarkable feats. Another great feat under her belt was when a crowning and incidental vote came from the readers of Ebony Magazine, in which she was voted one of the most beautiful women in the land in 1997.

With the launch of the National Lottery her most famous song was chosen as the theme song to the twice weekly Lotto Draw television show.

Vicky’s star power and cross-over appeal has also led to a number of appearances on the popular music quiz show on SABC 2, Noot-vir-Noot as well as taken on the formidable Fiona Coyne on the Weakest Link. She also won the Celebrity Show and donated her winnings to animals in distress.

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